No other car quite captures raw power and beauty like a 1960s AC Shelby Cobra. For the very few, ownership of an original may just be out of reach The first Shelby Cobra, hand-built by the legendary racer and auto designed Carrol Shelby sold at a Pebbly Beach, California auction for US$13.75 million?

For most of us the dream is achieved by building or owning a replica. Our club is passionate to help its members live their dream.

Club Aims

  • Organise and attend social events within the club and with other like-minded clubs
  • Maintain and share knowledge and history of AC Shelby Cobras
  • Encourage new and existing Cobra builders
  • Provide a wealth of resources for Cobra owners and builders
  • Promote goodwill and participation amongst all club members

We are also affiliated with the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport Limited (CAMS) and, through this, with the Federation Internationale du Sport Automobile.


Want to know more about the Club? Use the Contact Page to have someone contact you. New members & visitors welcome!

Club Meetings – 7.30pm, second Tuesday of the month:

Manningham Hotel, 1 Thompsons Rd, Bullpen

New 2018/19 Committee

PRESIDENT                 Trevor Sharp

VICE PRESIDENT      Paul Whitehead

SECRETARY                 Craig McKenzie (also CPS Technical & Inspection)

TREASURER                 Simon Appleman


  • Peter Pavlidis
  • Arthur Secoulidis (CPS Technical & Inspection)
  • Nick Poulentzas  (CPS Renewals)
  • Phil Katavatis   (CPS Renewals)
  • John Dollisson     (Website)

Are you interested in a role or a way to assist the Committee? If so contact the Club on our Contact Page – we are looking for   events/competition assistance, and  news publicity assistance.